25 Arab singers and musicians release the operetta “Return” in support of Palestine | art

25 singers and musicians from the Middle East and North Africa participated in singing in the operetta “Rajeeeen” in different Arabic dialects, to express their support for the Palestinian cause and to denounce the war launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip.

The operetta’s makers and participants allocated its profits entirely to the benefit of the Palestinian people.

Among the participants are a number of Egyptian rap singers such as Afroto, Marwan Pablo, Marwan Moussa, and Da Vinci, in addition to singer Dina El Wedidi, singers Amir Eid and Donia Wael, and Tunisian rap performer Nordo.

Palestinian-Jordanian singer Dana Salah, Saif Sharrouf, and Issam Al-Najjar also participated in it, as well as Wissam Qutb, Omar Rammal, Zain, Fouad Gretly, and Vortex, as well as Balti, Small X, Saif Batayneh, and Saif Al-Safadi.

The makers of the song’s video included the phrase “We do not stand in solidarity with the issue, we are its owners” in the content, which was filmed in Jordan under the direction of Palestinian directors Omar Rammal and Libyan Ahmed Kuwayfiya, and the clip was produced by artistic producer and distributor Nasser Al-Bashir.

Singer Saif Al-Safadi while performing his part in the operetta Rajeen (social networking sites)

The content included scenes from the Israeli army’s bombing of the Gaza Strip since the launch of the operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” Which I implemented Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades -The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” – on October 7, along with pictures of injured children.

In television statements by the Egyptian rap performer Afroto, he confirmed that he belongs to a generation that is not far from the Palestinian issue, but rather closely connected to it, indicating that since his childhood he has witnessed unforgettable events such as the martyrdom of the child Muhammad al-Durra, and support for the cause has grown within him, so he does not consider himself He is in solidarity with it, and even considers himself part of it.

As for the Egyptian singer Dina El-Wedidi, she considered the operetta an opportunity for everyone’s voice to be heard to express the issue and what the Palestinian people have been exposed to for more than 75 years.

The operetta topped social media platforms, and American singer Kehlani shared it on her Instagram account through the comics feature.

The new operetta, “Rajeen,” combined rap and hip-hop music, presented a modern artistic vision that reflects the feelings of new generations, and recalled the case of famous national operettas such as “The Greater Homeland,” “The Voice of the Masses,” and “The Arab Dream.”

The post first appeared on www.aljazeera.net

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