18 martyrs in the West Bank and escalation of clashes in Jenin and its camp News


The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced today, Thursday, that the number of martyrs in… West Bank The occupation forces reached 18, while the Israeli occupation forces are still storming many areas in the West Bank, sending reinforcements into all axes, and arresting dozens of Palestinians.

The Ministry indicated that 14 martyrs were killed in a raid carried out by Israeli forces on a city and a camp. Embryo For refugees, and two martyrs fell in Beit Fajjar, south of Bethlehem, and Dura, south of Bethlehem HebronHe was martyred in Al-Amari camp near RamallahAnd another martyr in Balata camp, east of the city Nablus.

Thus, the number of martyrs in the West Bank since October 7 rose to 181, and the number of wounded exceeded 2,300.

The Israeli occupation army is still launching continuous military operations in the city of Jenin and besieging its camp amid intense flight of its aircraft, in addition to detaining school students and employees.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent said that drones belonging to the occupation forces bombed more than one site with missiles in the city of Jenin and the vicinity of its camp, while an Israeli soldier was wounded by resistance bullets in the camp.

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced that its ambulance was targeted in Jenin and a paramedic was injured by live bullets in the back.

Israeli drones bombed more than one site with missiles in the city of Jenin and the vicinity of its camp (Anatolia Agency)

Earlier today, Thursday, large forces from the Israeli occupation army stormed Jenin for the second time within hours with the aim of arresting wanted persons, bulldozing the streets and destroying the infrastructure, and this was accompanied by the outbreak of armed clashes with Palestinian resistance fighters.

The Israeli army also stormed the city of Nablus and pushed military reinforcements towards Balata refugee camp, after storming the town of Dura in Hebron. As a result, confrontations broke out between Palestinian youths and the invading forces, during which the occupation fired live bullets, leading to the death of a young man and the injury of another.

For its part, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry held Israel and the countries supporting it fully and directly responsible for the results of its targeting of Palestinian civilians, and the great pressure it imposes on their lives, warning of explosions in the West Bank that will be difficult to control.

Arrests continue

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said that the occupation forces arrested 65 Palestinians during the new incursions, including – according to Al Jazeera’s correspondent – a commander in the Palestinian Brigades. Al-Aqsa martyrs He is Ahmed Abu Owais.

For his part, he announced The Israeli army has arrested about 1,430 Palestinians throughout the West Bank since the start of the war in Gaza, including 900 from the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation).

Arrests are carried out by raiding Palestinian homes during the hours of the night until dawn, and detainees are transferred to temporary detention centers, before being referred to the main investigation centers or prisons.

Various parts of the West Bank are witnessing…Jerusalem Daily raids and incursions into villages and towns by Israeli army forces, accompanied by confrontations, arrests, shooting, and tear gas bombs at Palestinians.

The pace of these campaigns increased in conjunction with a devastating war waged by Israel on the Gaza Strip since the start of the operation Al-Aqsa flood Last October 7, it left tens of thousands of civilians martyred and wounded, most of them children and women.

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